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Children in Classroom

Building  Confidence
One Outfit at a Time

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Give Clothing or Financial Support

Many families are struggling to meet their basic clothing needs. These struggles often have a negative impact on a child's learning and peer interactions.
We are here to help.

Our Impact


Since 2017

Kids Clothes

items of clothing, shoes,and 
accessories distributed.

Kids with Backpacks

school-aged children and teens served in Suffolk County, N.Y.

School Social Worker

"I thought you would enjoy knowing that Josh came to school today looking and feeling very proud in his new shirt, pants and sneakers. When a peer commented, "Cool sneakers, Dude," Josh beamed. You should know the ripple effects of the joy you spread. Josh is a class leader, a cheerleader for those having a difficult day. When he is not in school, his classmates notice and miss his positivity. By providing Josh with the clothes necessary to come to school, you made a difference not only for Josh, but for the other children in his class, for his Teacher and Staff, for his Related Service Providers, and for this very grateful Social Worker."

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