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Who we are: Starfish Swap provides K-12 students from low-income families with clothing received from local communities for students’ school needs.

How we do it: We partner with Long Island schools, churches, and community organizations to provide students of families in need with clothing and accessories for school.

What we provide: Stylized clothing packages with new and gently used clothing and accessories to students at no cost. The packages' apparel and accessories are gathered from participating schools, churches, community members, and local merchants and recycled back to the greater communities to benefit school-aged children from local families. This helps keeps good clothing out of landfills and in new homes. 

Enclothed Cognition:  the clothes we wear affect our behavior, 

attitudes, personality, mood, confidence, and the way we interact with others.

Our Mission

    Our Story

After seeing how students struggled to make friends and stay focused on their academics due to their clothing, an idea was formed by two teachers to reallocate gently used clothing from local communities into the closets of students who need them most.  

Organization Leaders
StarfishSwap Logo

    Our Name

Inspired by "The Starfish Story", we believe each clothing package that leaves our facility can change the life of one child.


While we may not be able to save every child today, we hope to grow into a national resource for schools, churches, and community organizations to increase our impact every day. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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